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IT Talks let you in on how it is to work with us, how customers have solved IT challenges, new industry trends by our partners and much more.

Every now and then we sit down for a chat and most often the conversations circles IT. Independent of the group, could be colleagues and/or partners, customers or friends – IT is on the table almost every time.

We have offices in Denmark, Norway and Sweden – and we have recorded IT talks at all of our locations and the chats are held in local language.


Apr 29, 2022

Fredrik Svensson, CBDO at Redpill Linpro, and Region Manager Data Analytics Stockholm Samuel Troilius, talk about some exciting news in this episode of IT Talks. Redpill Linpro has started a division for Data Analytics in Stockholm, which Samuel will lead.

Who is Samuel Troilius, how is he planning to grow this...

Apr 22, 2022

Kristoffer Klippenvåg and Jørgen Rieck are both enterprise architects in Redpill Linpro.

What is enterprise architecture? The definition is wide and combines the business part with economy and technology, which is one of the reason Kristoffer and Jørgen both have careers as enterprise architects.

Apr 8, 2022

In this episode you will meet Heidi E. I. Dahl, Sheri Shamlou, and Mia Ryan all of whom are ambassadors for Women in Data Science in Norway. Learn more about their work as ambassadors, the importance of role models and diversity, and why they are always looking for new faces. You will also learn more about the...

Apr 1, 2022

Susanne Ljungkvist and Mikael Andersson are deeply involved in the digitalisation initiatives of Vårgårda and Herrjunga municipality. Two small municipalities located a few miles outside Gothenburg. They share their experiences of how working with digitalisation and IT in a small municipality can be. Why it is