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IT Talks let you in on how it is to work with us, how customers have solved IT challenges, new industry trends by our partners and much more.

Every now and then we sit down for a chat and most often the conversations circles IT. Independent of the group, could be colleagues and/or partners, customers or friends – IT is on the table almost every time.

We have offices in Denmark, Norway and Sweden – and we have recorded IT talks at all of our locations and the chats are held in local language.


May 28, 2021

This is a detailed episode about Schrems II and how it has affected Europe, with Michael Nemecky, Nordic Operations Manager at Redpill Linpro and Kristian Foss, Partner and Legal Advisor at Bull & Co. What does the legislation say? What is the role of the European Data Protection Board? What does SSC mean? You will...

May 21, 2021


Sundsvall municipality is one of the most successful municipalities in Sweden when it comes to digitalisation. Listen to CDO/CIO Marcus Matteby to learn how they have managed legacy systems at the same time as they have developed new solutions, and how they have matured along the digitalisation journey. Also, get to...

May 14, 2021

What does i take to build a successful team? How to motivate people to do their best? Can leadership inspire personal as well as business growth at the same time? How to form high-performing individuals? What are the top-attributes to look for? Hear all about it in this IT Talks episode where Björn Romfelt shares...

May 7, 2021

In this episode of IT Talks Johan Linåker, Post Doc Researcher at Lund University shares his findings on why, what and how to use open source and open data within the public sector. With examples from Sweden, Finland and USA he shows what open innovation can bring, why it is a matter of culture and how to be successful.