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IT Talks let you in on how it is to work with us, how customers have solved IT challenges, new industry trends by our partners and much more.

Every now and then we sit down for a chat and most often the conversations circles IT. Independent of the group, could be colleagues and/or partners, customers or friends – IT is on the table almost every time.

We have offices in Denmark, Norway and Sweden – and we have recorded IT talks at all of our locations and the chats are held in local language.


Dec 20, 2019

Pontus Ullgren, Johan Carlsson and Tomas Ljunggren talks about the pro's and con's of containerification of integration platforms. They discuss different solutions and what possibilities they can bring to organisation.

Dec 13, 2019

Johan Linåker, Post Doc Researcher at Lund University shares conclusions from his research on open data, eco systems, Government-as-a-platform and more. He lets us in on:

  • How to enable better digital services
  • Open innovation
  • How MyData moves the ownership of data
  • Advantages, risks and drivers
  • Examples from other...

Dec 6, 2019

What will 2020 look like? Björn Romfelt takes us through a couple of trends that are said to impact the IT consultancy business next year. Among other: the lack of competence, the gig economy, off-shoring, out-sourcing, IoT, machine learning and multi-sourcing.

Nov 29, 2019

Kirsti Stien, Daniel Buøy-Vehn, Erik Kaareng-Sunde and Martin S Langsjøen elaborates on the meaning of open infrastructure – with a user perspective. You will get examples from different industries, get to know how it affects relations, competence and culture. Open Source as a culture – to share is to win. Their...

Nov 22, 2019

Paul Fremantle, CTO and co-founder of WSO2, is taking us through a lot of interesting topics. To name a few: Why just great technology is not enough, the concept of API economy and eco systems, the shift from enterprise architectures to product managers, cell-based architecture. He also talks about...